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My town is burning…

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll remember the post I did about my small town.

Well tonight the left side of my town is on fire. Firefighters have been working for over 2 hours and the fire is still not under control.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my town. I was born and raised here. My heart is here. To watch it burn absolutely devestates me. So I’m asking you all to please please send up a prayer and good vibes to us tonight as we watch our little piece of Eden in flames. Thank you!

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Anything But Books Tag!

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love books and everything about them, especially a good book tag. But, I wanted to do a little something different and let you guys get to know me a little bit. I hope you’re prepared for how awesome I am. Here we go…

  1. Name a cartoon you love.

Well I am all about the 90’s cartoons and my all time favorite is The Wild Thornberrys. It’s the best. If you haven’t watched it they have it on dvd at Wal-Mart.


2. What is your favorite song right now?

Chris Stapleton – Broken Halos

3. What could you do for hours that is not reading?

People watching

4. What is your favorite, unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

The War in Iraq and Afghanistan

5. What is something unusual you know how to do?

I honestly can’t think of anything.

6. What is something that you love that your followers would be surprised by?

I am obsessed with all things Halloween

7. Name something you’ve made in the last year.

A scrapbook for my daughter.

8. What is your most recent personal project?

This blog

9. Tell us something you think of often.

The old days.

So, this is me. I’m really boring but given the chance I’m also hella fun!

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Tis the season

To get in a funk. Am I the only person who suffers from seasonal depression? That’s a thing right? When summer collapses into fall, the weather gets colder, and it seems to always be dark. My mood drastically decreases for reasons completely unknown to me.

The funny thing is I love winter. It’s my favorite time of the year, but only after December. November and December keep me in a rut. I basically become a hermit unless someone forces me outside. One reason for this is that I basically only see my husband on the weekend. When he leaves for work I’m asleep and when he comes home I am on my way to bed. He works at UPS and this is their peak season. So not seeing him contributes to my mood. Another thing is that everybody gets so busy. Nobody just enjoys Christmas anymore it’s rush  rush rush. What happened to taking this time and enjoying family? This is the first year my daughter will actually be able to enjoy this time of year and I absolutely can not wait to enjoy it with her. Instead of focusing on my to do list I will take the time to just lay under the Christmas tree and watch the lights with her. I will take the time to bake Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses. I will take the time to write letters to Santa Clause and pick the perfect presents for her grandparents. I will watch all of our favorite Christmas movies in our pjs while drinking hot chocolate. 

Everything else can wait. The magic my child sees this time of year can not. So I will pull myself out of this funk and show her as much magic as I can. Slow down. Take it all in. Enjoy the season and all the magic that comea with it.

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I’m baaaaaack!

So as you’ve hopefully noticed I’ve been gone from the blogger-sphere for way too long. I apologize. It’s been a rough couple of months dealing with depression/ anxiety and family issues. But, after making some new friends and talking with my best friend they encouraged me to come back. I’ve missed you guys and I can’t wait to start writing again!